UNIPIL Drugs is Two Years Old – And Still Growing!

Abstract / Excerpt:

UNIPIL DRUGS, Inc. as we know today, started as a small drug store under the name of Mrs. Romola Z. Allmon, a pharmacist. The store was organized on September 16, 1974 basically to serve the patients of the clinic of Dra. Rodora Z. Asis.

Foreseeing the future of the drug business, Rullte V. Asis organized the R. V. Asis Enterprises that went into the wholesale distribution of drugs while at the same time opened its retail department to the general public.

Through the encouragement and support of friends and associates, R. V. Asis Enterprises and UNIPIL DRUGS (as sole proprietorship) were incorporated in less than a year into what Is now known today as UNIPIL DRUGS, Inc.

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Place of PublicationDavao City
Original Publication DateOctober 1, 1976

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