The Native Tribes of Davao

Abstract / Excerpt:

The Guiangas. A tribe scattered in the rancherias of Gumalang, Tamugan, Toril and Biao, characterized by a dialect totaly different from the Bagobos, their neighbors. They are sometimes called Guanga or Gulanga, which means "forest people". They are suspected to be a fragment of the little known tribe, who according to location, lived in southern Mindanao under the names Manguangas, Mangulangas or Dulanganes. They are very barbarous and practice human sacrifice.

The Loacs. A small group belonging to the Tagacaolo tribe who dwell in the mountain forests of San Agustin peninsula. They are very poor members of the Tagacaolo tribe and have isolated themselves as a means of protection from being made slaves of the richer and powerful segment of the tagacaolo tribe.

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Source InstitutionMindanao Times
AuthorsErnesto I. Corcino
Page Count2
Place of PublicationDavao City
Original Publication DateJuly 15, 1976

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