The Importance of City Planning for Growth

Abstract / Excerpt:

City Planing is the guidance of the growth and change of urban areas. As such, it is aimed at fullfillung social and economic objectives which go beyond physical form and arrangement of buildings, streets, parks, utilities and other parts of the urban development.

City planning takes effect largely through the operations of government and requires the application of specialized techniques of survey, analysis, forecasting and design. Thus city planning may be described as a social movement. Each aspect has its concept, history and theories. Together they fuse into the efforts of modern society to shape and in the improvement within which increasing proportions humanity spend their lives in the City.

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Source InstitutionThe Mindanao Daily Mirror
AuthorsWilgefortis E. Escudero
Page Count4
Place of PublicationDavao City
Original Publication DateApril 26, 1975

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