I Am A Philippine Eagle

Abstract / Excerpt:

I am one of the world's largest eagles with the broadest wings of any eagle which span nearly two meters (7 ft.)-1 am the tallest, standing a meter in height and I weigh from four to seven kilograms (8.8 -15.4 lbs.).
I can be found in the mountain jungles of Luzon, Samar, Leyte and Mindanao only. I establish and defend a 60-100 sq. km. territory for life. 1 cat a wide variety of jungle animals from cobras to bats and do not like to eat animals cultivated by man. I prefer nests built on large orchids or ferns growing atop the tallest jungle trees. My mate and I produce one egg per nesting cycle (September - January) which takes 60 days to hatch, rearing our offspring in two years time.

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