Davao water source polluted

Abstract / Excerpt:

DAVAO CITY, Aug. 8 - The Malagos water reservoir here is polluted and the water it supplies to at least three districts in Davao city is not safe for drinking. This was disclosed the other day by city health officer Quimpo Jose Salcedo who said the Malagos watershed is now occupied by squatters who wash, bathe and throw their refuse within the vicinity of the dam. "During a heavy rain, all the dirt find its way into the reservoir." Quimpo said.
Quimpo produced a copy of letter addressed to the city mayor stating that the water samples taken from the dam are "bacteriology unsatisfactory".

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Source InstitutionBulletin Today
Page Count2
Place of PublicationDavao City
Original Publication DateAugust 9, 1976

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