Davao Tourist Facilities Improved

Abstract / Excerpt:

DAVAO CITY. Sept. 20—This progressive city in Mindanao is preparing for the expected increase of tourist arrivals this year with the construction and improvement of hotels and other tourist facilities. First class Davao Insular Hotel is expanding its 104 rooms with an additional of 50 rooms which will soon be open to the public. This hotel is one of the finest spots outside Manila. Like wise. Apo View Hotel is also putting up 62 more rooms to its present 87 rooms. Soon to be operation al is the new Cuizon hotel with 2&0 first class rooms and olympic-sized swimming pool. Other hotels now under con struction in the city are Solitaria with 60 rooms: the Fabulous Venee's ho tel with 60 rooms, sup per club and restaurant: and the 182-room Valgo- sons hotel. The Dacudas resort complex Is also being planned to be con structed soon. This re sort will have 100 rooms and golf course.

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Source InstitutionBulletin Today
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Place of PublicationDavao City
Original Publication DateSeptember 21, 1975

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