Davao, The Premier City in Mindanao

Abstract / Excerpt:

Welcome to Davao in the land of promise — the "Deep South" of the Philippines. You will feel welcomed the moment you set foot on this 244,000-hectare metropolis — the "premier city in this side of the Pacific."

Davao is only 90 minutes by jet plane from Manila but in spite of this proximity, Davao is aptly considered the "Deep South" of the Philippines. For truly it is because while Davao is a progressive commercial, industrial and agricultural center it is the sum total of and idyllic panorama of southern culture and southern art that always enchant Filipinos and foreigners alike.

Holding LibraryADDU
Source InstitutionThe Mindanao Daily Mirror
Page Count2
Place of PublicationDavao City
Original Publication DateJune 24, 1978

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