Davao: city of promise and tremendous growth

Abstract / Excerpt:

It has been frequently said that the Province of Davao, with its varied and extensive natural resources has paid generous rewards to people with adventurous and pioneering spirit.
A little more than a wilderness about 60 years ago, the growth in population and economic development of the province has been rather rapid. Yet the province is still young in terms of potential growth.
Davao City, with its excellent natural port, logically became the focal point of economic growth. It is the site of most intensive agricultural development within the province and the center of commercial and industrial activities, With an area of approximately 1,000 square miles Davao City is rated as the largest city in the world and as the only city "with an explored area" which stands ready for tremendous industrial and commercial development and exploitation.

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Source InstitutionThe Manila Times
Page Count1
Place of PublicationManila
Original Publication DateMarch 26, 1965

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