Davao: ‘biggest’ city yet

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DAVAO CITY, March 30- Plane arrivals in this city, 90 minutes and P233 away from Manila, are greeted on the road to town by a gayly painted statue in tribal attire, holding up a durian fruit with both hands. DavaoeƱos say the figure is that of a Manobo native who is the true aborigine of Davao. The statue looks more like Pinocchio, with his long nose and wide grin, punctuated by red, plump cheeks but anyone who has never seen a genuine Manobo will simply have to let it go at that. There are no true DavaoeƱos, except the Manobos, and they constitute a very small minority in Davao, Eight out of every 10 person you meet are migrants, mostly from Cebu and other Visayan Islands, as well as Luzon.
Davao city is the biggest city en the world, in areaat least. It measures 244,005 hectares of sprawling land, consisting of plantations, forests, and even unexplored mountain ranges. It is probably called teh city of promise, because of the large areas still open for development.

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Source InstitutionBulletin Today
AuthorsRomy V. Mapile
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Place of PublicationDavao City
Original Publication DateMarch 31, 1974

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