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The Davao Association of Catholic Schools, commonly Knows as DAGS owes its beginning to the Third GEAR Regional Convention held in Davao City January 3-5, 1963 which urged the creation of a regional office for the GEAR for the Davao and Cotabato areas. The intention of the organizers was to promote closer collaboration of schools in the area and to solve local prob • terns more effectively.
As a result two educational associations were formed at this time: the Davao Association of Catholic Schools which today numbers more than 50 schools, and the Notre Dame Educational Association romposed of over 100 schools in the Cotabato-Sulu area.
Later in 1968, the Northern Mindanao Association of Ca tholic Schools was formed and in September 1969 Agusa n schools organized the Agusan Catholic Educational Association and twenty Surigao schools formed the Surigao Association of Catholic Schools

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