Battle of Marawi

Abstract / Excerpt:

My grandfather was named Datu Sinai (Arabic form, Zainal); my grandmother was Bai Menango. They had two sons, Datu Taurak (my uncle) and Datu Saber (my father). The family belonged to the royalty (datus and sultans) of Buadi Sakayo, a community located in what is now Marawi City and which itself is made up of five or seven originaln communities, each having an ancestral laiidclaim handed down to descendants.

Holding LibraryADDU
Source InstitutionUniversity Research Center Mindanao State University
AuthorsMamitua Saber
Page Count26
Place of PublicationMarawi City
Original Publication DateFebruary 12, 1980
Tags Battle of the Marawi

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