49th Celebration Araw ng Dabaw

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The ascendance of Davao as a geopolitical entity largely began during the last fifty years of Spanish rule in the country. Although Spanish sovereignty had been slightly felt along the eastern coasts of Mindanao as early as 1630, it was not until the conquest of Davao Gulf area in 1848 that Spanish sway in these parts history, later to become a city, began to be recorded.

In that year, Don Jose Cruz de Oyanguren, a native of Vergara, Spain having received a special grant from Don Narciso Claveria Governor-General of the Archipelago, :to conquer and subdue the entire gulf district, expel or pacify the Moros there, and establish the Christian religion" arrived in Davao as the head of a colonizing expedition comprising 70 men and women, mainly volunteers and disciplinarios. They found an alley in Datu Daupan, chief of the Samal Mandayas, who saw in Oyanguren's colonizing venture a chance to get even with Datu Bago, Muslim chief of the Davao Gulf, who had treated the Mandayas as vassals exacting from them tributes, food and even slaves. Oyanguren's initial attack

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