35th Celebration Araw ng Dabaw

Abstract / Excerpt:

For the Fifth Year in a row, Davao City has been celebrating "Araw ng Dabaw" to commemorate the establishment of the City Government which has been operating under a special law or Charter since 35 years ago. Public observance of the City's foundation day appears to have fostered greater public interest not only inn the history, current affairs and the future of the City, but also in developing among the residents a loftier sense of belonging and identification as "Davaowenos", a more concerned involvement in the well-being of the community, and a higher expectation of better things in the future.

On this fifth celebration of "Araw ng Dabaw", which actually marks the 35th anniversary of Davao as a chartered city, it is appropriate to take stock, to examine how much and what major fields of endeavor Davao has grown in or has attained, and to focus on those areas that still need to be done in the days or years ahead.

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