Vertical File Clippings

Title Source Authors Holding Library Page Count Place of Publication Original Publication Date Tags
The Importance of City Planning in Davao for Growth The Mindanao Daily Mirror ADDU 1 Davao City
Cottage Industries: an Economic Necessity The Mindanao Daily Mirror Arturo F. Gaerlan ADDU 2 Davao City October 1, 1977
Point -by-Point Government’s Response to MNLF Demands Peace and Development Panel ADDU 15 Davao City April 8, 1987
Republic Act No. 6734 Mindanao News ADDU 3 Davao City August 1, 1989 Mindanao News
The Native Tribes of Davao Mindanao Times Ernesto I. Concino ADDU 1 Davao City July 15, 1976
The Government’s Commitment to Mindanao Peace and Development Panel ADDU 6 Davao City August 20, 1986
Ateneo Conducts Historical Research on Davao The Mindanao Daily Mirror Edcer Escudero ADDU 1 Davao City October 28, 1977
Mainit Springs, a Tourist Attraction Mindanao Times Romeo C. Chan ADDU 1 Davao City July 21, 1977
Davao Not of Brochures and Travel Mags Focus Philippines Jesus Manuel Torrento ADDU 3 Davao City December 9, 1978

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