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Title Source Authors Holding Library Page Count Place of Publication Original Publication Date Tags
The Day Davao was Inaugurated as a Chartered City SMAA Meet Ernesto I. Corcino ADDU 1 Davao City January 27, 1974
POPOOM announces sterilization training program The Mindanao Daily Mirror ADDU 1 Davao City
Davao City After 41 Years of Existence The Mindanao Daily Mirror Satur P. Apoyon ADDU 1 Davao City March 7, 1978
Muslim Filipinos Between Integration and Secession Ateneo de Davao University Peter G. Gowing ADDU 12 Davao City Integration, Secession
53rd Celebration Araw ng Dabaw Davao City Government ADDU 17 Davao City
A Day in Davao’s Development Expressweek Volume. 4,No. 26 Marra Lanot ADDU 2 Davao City May 27, 1976
Choices of Response to Inter-Kin Group Conflict in Northern Mindanao The Research Institute for Mindanao Culture Erlinda Montillo-Burton, Moctar Matuan, Guimba Poingan, Jay Rey Alovera ADDU 33 Davao City September 1, 2005 Choices of Response, Inter-Kin Group Conflict
Soar High Invest in Davao Davao City Government ADDU 10 Davao City
Historical Background of Moro Dissension and Consciousness in Mindanao Ateneo de Davao University Daniel A. Delos Santos ADDU 15 Davao City
Boycotting the Referendum: A Political Liberty? Mindanao News Antonio Vn. Figueroa ADDU 1 Davao City Boycotting the Referendum, Political Liberty

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