Vertical File Clippings

Title Source Authors Holding Library Page Count Place of Publication Original Publication Date Tags
Davao now emerging model City of South Philippines Sunday Express ADDU 2 Davao City March 16, 1975
The Mindanao Report Mindanao Economic Development Council Sara Fe Banzuela ADDU 9 Davao City Mindanao Economic Development Council, The Mindanao Report
Primer on the Mindanao Peace Talks Peace and Development Panel for Mindanao and the Cordilleras ADDU 7 Davao City
The Japanese Colony in Davao, 1904-1941 Philippine Social Sciences & Humanities Review Vol. 23, Nos. 2-4 Serafin D. Quiason ADDU 9 Davao City December 31, 1958
Yutang Kabilin Ateneo de Davao University ADDU 4 Davao City
Davao “Largest City in the World Philippines Free Press Filemon V. Tutay ADDU 4 Davao City September 25, 1971
The Japanese Connection Philippine Panorama Volume.5, No.11 CL. Leones ADDU 2 Davao City March 14, 1976
The Mindanao Daily Mirror Vol.27No.56 The Mindanao Daily Mirror ADDU 1 Davao City October 17, 1976 The Mindanao Daily Mirror
62nd Celebration Araw ng Dabaw Davao City Government ADDU 14 Davao City
Davao City’s No. 1 Problem: Water Supply Phillippines Free Press Emma Arce ADDU 2 Manila February 4, 1961

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