Vertical File Clippings

Title Source Authors Holding Library Page Count Place of Publication Original Publication Date Tags
I Am A Philippine Eagle ADDU ADDU 5 Davao City
Waterworks project in Davao pushed The Times Journal ADDU 1 Davao City May 14, 1974
Davao – Water Supply Behind The Headlines Gil M. Abarico ADDU 1 Davao City
The Davao Schools MS PC Communications ADDU 2 Davao City April 23, 1977
Davao Ranks High as Tourists Area – 1 The Mindanao Daily Mirror ADDU 1 Davao City July 3, 1975
Davao water source polluted Bulletin Today ADDU 2 Davao City August 9, 1976
The Purpose and Objectives of the Ateneo de Davao University Ateneo de Davao University ADDU 17 Davao City
UNIPIL Drugs is Two Years Old – And Still Growing! UNIPIL Drugs, Inc. ADDU 1 Davao City October 1, 1976
Bulletin of Information Ateneo de Davao University ADDU 18 Davao City
The Native Tribes of Davao Mindanao Times Ernesto I. Corcino ADDU 2 Davao City July 15, 1976

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