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Morphometry of Four Species of Non-Marine Turtles from Palawan, Philippines with Special Reference to Sexual Dimorphism

Morphology and morphometry of four species of non-marine turtles found in Palawan, Philippines, namely the Southeast Asian Box Turtle Cuora amboinensis, the Asian Leaf Turtle Cyclemys dentata, the critically endangered Philippine Forest or Leyte Pond Turtle Heosemys leytensis, and the Malayan Softshell Turtle Dagania subplana, were studied. Fieldwork was conducted in Puerto Princesa City, Aborlan, Brooke’s Point, Bataraza, Dumaran and Rizal from August to November 2003. A total of 180 individuals were measured, comprising 31 C. amboinesis, 27 C. dentata, 115 H. leytensis, and 7 D. subplana, 164 of which were encountered in captivity.