Title Source Institution Unit Authors Page Count Place of Publication Publication Date Tags
Developing a PC-Based Communications System using TAPI and Visual Basic Ateneo de Davao University Cezar Allan Aurelio, Christopher Layno, Rodolfo Ryan Magallen 8 Davao City March 1, 2001 Communications, Developing, PC-Based, System, Visual Basic
An In-Depth Analysis and Experimentation on Remote Authentication for Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2 Using Bluetooth Technology Ateneo de Davao University Roselle Liaa D. Lu, Andrew Nicolo F. Madrazo, Peterson L. Oleta 10 Davao City March 1, 2005
Developing an Adaptive Asynchronous E-Learning Environment in Moodle Ateneo de Davao University John Kevin S. Go, Kim Kaycee O. Muslim, Jasper David N. Lim 11 Davao City March 1, 2012 Adaptive, Asynchronous, Developing, E-Learning, Environment, Moodle
Developing a Modular Security System through a MicroController-Based Firmware Approach Ateneo de Davao University Jared E. Remulta, Christian Earle S. Rosario, Davey E. Yu 12 Davao City March 1, 2006 Approach, Developing, Firmware, MicroController-Based, Modular, Security, System
Developing a Job Scheduler Agent for MySQL Ateneo de Davao University Mitchel Don V. Ferraz, Dean Roger G. Lancian, Amelou D. Pelonio 9 Davao City April 1, 2005 Agent, Developing, Job, MySQL, Scheduler
Developing a Hybrid Detection and Termination Strategy Against Backdoor Intrusions in Linux-Based Server Systems Ateneo de Davao University Melanio Cagape IV, Ma. Loresh Mayor, Belinda Corazon Suaco 10 Davao City March 1, 2003 Detection, Developing, Hybrid, Intrusions, Server Systems, Strategy, Termination
An Independent Research Presented to The Faculty of the Computer Studies Division Ateneo de Davao University Ateneo de Davao University Stephanie H. Azarias, Lemuel Clark V. Camayang, Gherald Jun S. Pancho 14 Davao City March 1, 2007
Developing a Framework for Translating Structured Query Language (SQL) Statements to Natural Language Ateneo de Davao University Wendyl V. Ong, Leny C. Tolero, Robert Ryan C. Yap 10 Davao City March 1, 2005 Developing, Framework, Language, Natural, Query, Statements, Structured, Translating
Comparative Analysis of Vehicle Detection Methods using OpenCV Ateneo de Davao University Ray Anthony Y. Saavedra 11 Davao City October 1, 2013 Analysis, Comparative, Detection, Methods, OpenCV, Vehicle
Bandwidth Management with P2P Traffic Detection Ateneo de Davao University Joseph Oliver De Guzman, Fritz Maglantay 9 Davao City March 1, 2008 Bandwidth, Detection, Management, Traffic

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