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Title Source Institution Unit Authors Page Count Place of Publication Publication Date Tags
Enhancement of the Simple API for XML (SAX) Parser in Java as a Tool in Implementing an E-Catalog Ateneo de Davao University Robert Vincent T. Alvarez, Everiza G. Brasileno, Paul Anthony N. Viduya 12 Davao City March 1, 2003 E-Catalog, Enhancement, Implementing, Simple
Embedding more Mail Transfer Agent (MTA) Functionalities in Sendmail Ateneo de Davao University Lily Shiel A. Calotes, Carinna Gay G. Labanon, Mary Glen T. Montales 9 Davao City March 1, 2002 Agent, Embedding, Functionalities, Mail Transfer, Sendmail
Developing a Speech-To-Speech Language Translator System for Voice Chat Ateneo de Davao University Marie Jenelyn M. Cagas, Lerry Mae J. Gasque, Andrea Clarence T. Lim 11 Davao City March 1, 2005 Developing, Language, Speech-To-Speech, System, Translator, Voice Chat
Developing a Spatiotemporal Database for a Two-Dimensional moving Object Simulator using an Object-Oriented Data Model Ateneo de Davao University Donahlyne B. Candia, Ryan Nino B. Rodriguez, Albert Conrad H. Salinas 10 Davao City March 1, 2003 Database, Developing, Object, Object-Oriented, Spatiotemporal, Two-Dimensional
Realm of Element: A Multi-User Educational Game Based on the Periodic Table of Element Using Multipoint Mouse SDK for Young Filipino Learners Ateneo de Davao University Ephraim John B. Estrada, Cornelio M. Yap Jr. 11 Davao City October 1, 2013
Developing Shareable Content Objects for Related Information Technology Courses Hosted in Multiple Learning Management Systems Ateneo de Davao University Hazel A. Gameng 15 Davao City June 1, 2012
Developing a Social Networking Site with an AJAX-Based Instant Messenger Ateneo de Davao University Jan Caine Miguel Plaza, Arturo Bastida Jr., Benjamin Burdeos 14 Davao City March 1, 2007 AJAX-Based, Developing, Instant Messenger, Site, Social Networking
Developing a Server-Level Virus-Detection and Blocking Solution for Email Viruses Ateneo de Davao University Jennifer D. Dorado, Chester A. Go, Kristine I. Labrador 9 Davao City March 1, 2002 Blocking, Detection, Developing, Email Viruses, Server-Level, Solution
Developing Connection Detection, Data Caching, And Automated Reconciliation Strategies for a Windows-Based Smart Client Application Ateneo de Davao University Efren T. Alcuizar Jr, Jennilyn P. Cadigal, Io G. Ma 14 Davao City March 1, 2005
Developing a Security Schema for Transparent Groups on a Peer-to-Peer Distributed Database System Ateneo de Davao University Estor B. Conrado, Melanie p. Mamugay, Karissa Mae C. Uy 11 Davao City March 1, 2006 Database, Developing, Distributed, Groups, Peer-to-Peer, Schema, Security, Transparent
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