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Title Source Institution Unit Authors Page Count Place of Publication Publication Date Tags
Mobile TV Viewer on S60 Mobile Devices with Java Me Ateneo de Davao University Andrei A. Elizaga, Jerald L. Golingan, Brent S. Terania 11 Davao City March 1, 2010 Java Me, Mobile Devices, Mobile TV, Viewer
Mobile Phone Assistance via Remote Desktop vis-a-vis Ateneo de Davao University Karl Andres Manlapus, Joshua Nadera, Andrew Niccolo Pangilinan 11 Davao City March 1, 2010 Assistance, Desktop, Mobile, Phone, Remote, vis-a-vis
Linux Based Active Directory Service with RFID Authentication Ateneo de Davao University Mart Francis Y. Escano, Audrey Faye o. Galeon 10 Davao City March 1, 2007 Active, Authentication, Directory, Linux Based
Integrating Functionalities to a Filipino Speech Synthesis System Ateneo de Davao University Jim Tory C. Jipus, Josephine C. Labtic 7 Davao City May 1, 2004 Filipino, Functionalities, Integrating, Speech, Synthesis, System
Developing a Filipino-Oriented Android Educational Game Application Using Python Ateneo de Davao University Ruthessa May Abella, Norol-Am Lumbatan, Chito Rey Robledo 13 Davao City May 1, 2013
Implementing a Software Solution to Control Multiple Devices using WAP Technology Ateneo de Davao University Michael A. Alexandersen, Russell J. Aprecia, Beverly R. Paqueo 7 Davao City March 1, 2004 Control, Devices, Implementing, Multiple, Software, Solution, Technology
Implementing an Improved Decision Support System for Traffic Management using Artificial Neural Networks Ateneo de Davao University Eric John G. Emberda, Cyrene Joy N. Pantua, Ivy Grace A. Patenio 8 Davao City March 1, 2004 Artificial, Decision, Implementing, Improved, Management, Networks, Neural, System, Traffic
Enhancing an Open Source PDF Document Writer Ateneo de Davao University Howell C. Balolong, Aileen A. Gullos, Jan Alexander T. Lao 12 Davao City March 1, 2005 Document, Enhancing, Open Source, Writer
Enhancing and Creating Object Oriented Components Inventory Systems using DELPHI Ateneo de Davao University Renee Rose G. Cayoca, Leah D. Gambong, Irvin C. Sullano 10 Davao City January 1, 2001 Components, Creating, Enhancing, Inventory, Object, Oriented, Systems
Enhancing a Jitter Buffer to Maintain a High-Degree Voice Quality in a Voice-Over-Wireless-Fidelity (VOWIFI) Network Environment Ateneo de Davao University Janice Coleen L. Sevilla, Joey Lou Y. Suico, Catherine A. Velarde 13 Davao City March 1, 2006 Buffer, Enhancing, Environment, High-Degree, Jitter, Maintain, Network, Quality, Voice-Over-Wireless-Fidelity
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