Social Risk Management Strategies of Communities in the Agusan Marsh Landscape

Abstract / Excerpt:

The social risk management instrument available in Barangay San Marcos, representing the communities along the Agusan Marsh are generally coping strategies and inherently survivalist in nature. These are the adaptive measures that come with their living of being located in an environment that is very susceptible to climate variations. This reality has never been more apparent than in Purok Dinagat. Their way of coping is not resisting what happens naturally. Their main strategy is conformity to a natural force that cannot be prevented and that come regularly.
The household and community levels manage their risks through self-help, innovative strategies to cope with flooding by alteration, modifications and their houses and providing bamboo floaters to the houses and for their domestic animals. They have incorporated adjustability to their farming schedules, usually by waiting for the flood to fully subside before they start land preparation. They also rely on their IKSP to "predict" flood levels. The use of indigenous Materials (e.g., bamboos, logs) is an indication that they utilize what is easily available in their immediate surrounding. Their close kinship and common ethnicity has forged s strong sense of reliance on their neighbors and relatives for needed cash during emergency situation.

Source InstitutionAteneo de Davao University
AuthorsDr. Lourdes Simpol
Page Count32
Place of PublicationDavao City
Original Publication DateSeptember 2, 2013