Multi-Volume File Splitter as a Plug-in for the Mozilla Thunderbird Electronic Mail Client

Abstract / Excerpt:

Online mail servers allow people to send files as attachments in electronic mails. However, most of these servers, such as Yahoo Mail and Google Mail, impose file size limitations. If a user needs to send files with sizes that exceed the limitation, he has to manually split the files into multiple volumes and send them one by one. However, most of the available file splitters do not work directly with most browsers and would require electronic mail clients, such as Microsoft Outlook, to work. Sending large files is not automated and, thus, very tedious and inefficient for the sender. This study was able to address this problem by creating an application that is a plug-in for an electronic mail client, specifically Mozilla Thunderbird, which is open-source, allowing non-proprietary programmers to create extensions that would introduce additional features to the original program. This paper includes the methodologies, technologies, and theories that were beneficial for the study.

Source InstitutionAteneo de Davao University
UnitComputer Science
AuthorsCarmel Jade T. Bual, John Williever W. Racoma
Page Count13
Place of PublicationDavao City
Original Publication DateMarch 1, 2009
Tags Electronic, Mail Client, Mozilla, Multi-Volume, Plug-in, Splitter, Thunderbird