It’s not funny anymore! A Study on the State of Bullying of the Students of Ateneo De Davao High School

Abstract / Excerpt:

This study aimed to look into the state of bullying in the Ateneo de Davao
High School. Using the qualitative method of research, the study employed the
use of Secondary data from concerned offices in the school, Focused Group
Discussion (FGD) and Key Informants' Interview (Kil) to gather responses from
155 high school students on their perception and understanding of buliying. Data
gathered included six major themes namely, understanding of bullying as
perceived by both sexes from all year levels in the high school; forms of bullying;
effects of bullying; common venues and time of bullying; perceived
circumstances that lead to bullying, and towards developing a comprehensive
anti-bullying program. Results show that across year level, bullying in the Ateneo
de Davao High School is understood as an unintentional or intentional act of
many forms that hurt persons emotionally and physically and that it involves an
unequal power relations - where one is more powerful than the other, and may
be done once or more in several instances and has immediate and/or long term
negative effects to its victim/s. it is concluded that this study be used as
reference in developing a more comprehensive anti-bullying program in the High
School, the basic education level and the university as a whole.

Source InstitutionAteneo de Davao University
AuthorsMiguel P. Dailisan, II, RGC, Carlo D. Guiang, Sheryl Jane L. Ricafort
Page Count156
Place of PublicationDavao city
Original Publication DateFebruary 1, 2013