Integrating Spring, Struts and Hibernate in Developing Web Applications

Abstract / Excerpt:

This study discusses a methodology in developing web application with java EE technologies, specifically spring, struts and hibernate. Struts, an MVC framework that handles the 3 web applications concerns: business logic (model), the input logic (controller), and user interface logic (view). The view manages the graphical and/or textual output to the portion of the bitmapped display that is allocated to its application. The controller interprets the mouse and keyboard inputs from the user, commanding the model and/or the view to change as appropriate. Finally, the model manages the behavior and data of the application domain, responds to requests for information about its state (usually from the view), and responds to instructions to change state (usually from the controller). Spring, provides comprehensive infrastructure support for developing Java applications. Hibernate, an Object-Relational Mapping framework that significantly reduces development time with SQL and JDBC.

Source InstitutionAteneo de Davao University
UnitComputer Studies
AuthorsKeyfe Christian L. Ang
Page Count12
Place of PublicationDavao City
Original Publication DateJune 1, 2013
Tags Developing, Hibernate, Integrating, Spring, Struts, Web Applications