Enhancement of the Simple API for XML (SAX) Parser in Java as a Tool in Implementing an E-Catalog

Abstract / Excerpt:

XML documents are of great importance with the rapid emergence of e-commerce, automated banking, and other flourishing industries. In processing and extracting data from XML documents, the Simple API for XML (SAX) is an essential tool in this field. The main purpose of SAX is to enable more efficient analysis of large XML documents. It is used to parse and extract information in XML documents. This study discusses the deficiencies of SAX and the methodology for enhancing the SAX parser which would include the generation of lexical information, incorporation of exception handling for XSLT, mapping of Xpath addresses and directories for XML, and support for Document Type Definitions (DTDs) in associating XML data files as a more well-structured document.

Source InstitutionAteneo de Davao University
UnitComputer Science
AuthorsRobert Vincent T. Alvarez, Everiza G. Brasileno, Paul Anthony N. Viduya
Page Count12
Place of PublicationDavao City
Original Publication DateMarch 1, 2003
Tags E-Catalog, Enhancement, Implementing, Simple