Developing an Online Student Information System (SIS) for Ateneo de Davao University using a Modern Database PLatform

Abstract / Excerpt:

Today around the globe ,there is a vast demand for information Technologies to cope up with the peoples needs in term of information developments and advancement. Internet is becoming an imperative information resource especially for students who make use of the Internet as their medium of communication, researches, and study because of continual possibilities and low cost pricing . It has quicker delivery and analysis of current events information wherever you are.

The student Information System (SIS) is designed to give students and school personnel quick and easy access to information of importance to students. Seeing this existing needs, the focal point of this research is mainly on the structures of online SIS like the software used in updating the website, the payment schemes and how security works for this kind of system. It also considers some components in building the online system ; performance , data integrity; reliability, security and the most important, student and school personnel services. This paper is intended to examine the use of modern technology, into the acquisition and transfer of knowledge, using resources from the World Wide Web or Internet. It will also serve to determine whether this new way of technology is a beneficial tool in aiding students to a higher level of achievement. Finally, it aims to produce an online prototypes for SIS and an analysis on the current SIS and enrollment system of Ateneo de Davao University(AdDU)

Source InstitutionAteneo de Davao University
UnitComputer Studies
AuthorsVenice E. Alferez, Cherelle I. Toreja, Jamerson James A. Yap
Page Count10
Place of PublicationDavao City
Original Publication DateMarch 1, 2001