A Web-Based Spelling Learning Tool for First Grade Students using Web Speech API

Abstract / Excerpt:

Speech recognition is a technology that trains the system to recognize a particular speech pattern of the user's voice. It has a lot of applications and is used mostly to interact with a device, such as a computer or more commonly with mobile phones. It can be used as a security system and command prompt for mobile phones. But it has its drawbacks, since speech recognition is not a perfect technology. People have different intonations and pronunciations and when the environment is noisy, it still needs to filter the noise in order to recognize the user's voice. In developing software and applications with speech recognition features, software toolkits or development kits can be used. Children are known to be fond of using the computer especially when playing computer games or using interactive learning materials. Given that, a lot of schools have been integrating interactive technological games or learning materials using the computer. Given that, the proponents developed a voice interactive learning tool. Also, studies show that in order to catch the attention of children, it is best if the images are incorporated in learning. This helps retain objects in memory. Given such, the proponents decided to develop a spelling learning tool for Grade 1 students using images and their voice as inputs.

Source InstitutionAteneo de Davao University
UnitComputer Science
AuthorsHitesh K. Dhanwani, Avegail Frances C. Vales
Page Count10
Place of PublicationDavao City
Original Publication DateOctober 1, 2013
Tags First, Learning, Students, Web Speech, Web-Based