Journal Articles

Title Source Journal Journal Volume Authors Page Count Place of Publication Original Publication Date Tags
The Religious Significance of Land in Pre-Monarchic and Monarchic Israel Tambara Tambara Vol. 15 Vivien C. Nobles 19 Davao City December 1, 1998
The Samas Dilaut: From the Seas to the Highways Tambara Tambara Vol. 18 Sheilfa B. Alojamiento 7 Davao City December 1, 2001
A Time for Reckoning for the Bangsamoro Struggle Tambara Tambara Vol. 24 Datu Michael O. Mastura 15 Davao City November 1, 2007
Education for Humanness Tambara Tambara Vol. 15 Fr. Michael D. Moga, S.J. 10 Davao City December 1, 1998
Manobo Folktales Tambara Tambara Vol. 17 Cebella T. Guintaos 14 Davao City December 1, 2000
Armed Conflict in Sulu: A Local Perspective Tambara Tambara Vol. 24 Sheilfa B. Alojamiento 24 Davao City November 1, 2007
Carp And Its Implications for Labor Relations and Employment Opportunities Tambara Tambara Vol. XVI Napoleon D. Amoyen, Zorrahayda E. Penafiel 20 Davao City December 1, 1999

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