Journal Articles

Title Source Journal Journal Volume Authors Page Count Place of Publication Original Publication Date Tags
The Situation of Indigenous Peoples in Southern Mindanao Tambara Tambara Vol. 15 Amelito Elio 4 Davao City December 1, 1998 Indigenous Peoples, Situation, Southern Mindanao, Tambara
Images of Women in the Poetry and Fiction of Tita Lacambra-Ayala Tambara Tambara Vol. XVII Rhodora S. Ranalan 31 Davao City December 1, 2000 Fiction, Images of Women, Poetry, Tambara, Tita Lacambra-Ayala
Science and Technology Education: Challenges to Catholic Universities and Colleges in the Philippines in the 21st Century Tambara Tambara Vol. 15 FR. Bienvenido F. Nebres, S.J 9 Davao City December 1, 1998 Catholic, Challenges, Colleges in the Philippines, Science, Tambara, Technology Education, Universities
A Profile of the Urban Poor in Davao City Tambara Tambara Vol. XVI Napoleon D. Amoyen, Lourdesita S. Chan 21 Davao City December 1, 1999 Davao City, Profile, Tambara, Urban Poor
The Sulu Sultanate: A Historical Encounter of Islam and Malay Culture Tambara Tambara Vol. 24 Renato T. Oliveros, SJ 9 Davao City November 1, 2007
‘What are We in Fieldwork for?’ Ethics and Politics of Ethnographic Research Tambara Tambara Vol. 18 Albert E. Alejo, SJ 14 Davao City December 1, 2001
Science, Spirits, and Common Sense: The Espiritistas of Upi Tambara Tambara Vol. 24 Stuart A. Schlegel 12 Davao City November 1, 2007
“Yang Mangngagaw” : An Epic of the Mandaya of Caraga, Davao Oriental Tambara Tambara Vol. XVI Genevieve T. Jorolan 46 Davao City December 1, 1999
Worldview, Community and Lumad Poetics Tambara Tambara Vol. 18 Macario D. Tiu 10 Davao City December 1, 2001
Toward a People-Centered Peace and Development Framework: Some Lessons from Conflict-Affected Communities in Mindanao Tambara Tambara Vol. 24 Rufa Cagoco-Guiam 7 Davao City November 1, 2007

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