“Yang Mangngagaw” : An Epic of the Mandaya of Caraga, Davao Oriental

Abstract / Excerpt:

Although several studies and researches have been made on Philippine folk literature, a vast treasury of tribal literature still remains unstapped and unrecorded. There is an urgent need to preserve these materials before they are completely lost. One of these valuable pieces of literature is the epic of the Mandaya in Caraga, Davao Oriental.
The purpose of this study is to record , translate, analyze, and preserve this Mandaya epic. It further seeks to answer the following questions:
1) what are the qualities of "Yang Mangngagaw" as an epic?
2) What tribal values and traditions are revealed in the epic?
The study is guided by the following basic assumptions:
1) The epic "Yang Mangngagaw" possesses the elements of the Philippine epic.
2) Values as well as timeless tribal customs and traditions are portrayed in "Yang Mangngagaw".
The study is limited to a recording, analysis, and preservation of one Mandaya epic from Caraga, Davao Oriental, entitled "Yang Mangngagaw". Two magdadawot {q^q. singers) Madugilay Madanlo and Beniang Punto chanted the dawot (epic), while two other natives, Laurencio Madenancil and Josefa Piamonte, transcribed it and translated it into Visayan. Three other native informants, namely Romeo Banaball Banugan, Inambuya Felix Lanus, and Arlenda Tomanggong, related their own versions of the epic as they heard it from their parents and grandparents. This helped establish the five- version test.

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Source JournalTambara
Journal VolumeTambara Vol. XVI
AuthorsGenevieve T. Jorolan
Page Count46
Place of PublicationDavao City
Original Publication DateDecember 1, 1999

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