The Mamanua Belief System

Abstract / Excerpt:

The Mamanua (Konquista, Kongking, Amamanua, Mamaw) of Northeastern Mindanao as a people have remained of interest to this writer up to the present. He came to know about them as a student in the Surigao High School, when, on occasions, he went with his father to the Mindanao Motherlode Mines (also called Mabuhay) to deliver goods to the customers of his father's tailoring shop. While there he met this dark skinned people mixing with the workers in the said mine. They were there to sell a variety of goods, viz., split rattan, wood of the fishtail palm, occasionally a wild chicken, wild chicken, wild boar's meat, deer's meat, etc. The fact that he could communicate with them in Surigaonon led him to several conversations with them. This continued every time he went with his father to Mabuhay. This interest was kindled in him due to the fact that they were different from the other ethnic groups (Tagalog, Ilocano, Waray, Ilongo, etc.) working in the mine. He learned from the Mamanua themselves that they lived in the surrounding mountains, around Lake Mainit and the banks of the rivers.

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Source JournalTambara
Journal VolumeTambara Vol. 11
AuthorsMarcelino N. Maceda
Page Count15
Place of PublicationdA
Original Publication DateDecember 1, 1994

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