Peace and Development Work Among the Lumads in their Ancestral Domain

Abstract / Excerpt:

This paper documents my involvement with Tripeoples Concern for Peace, Progress and Development of Mindanao, Inc. (TRICOM). TRICOM started in 1996 as a consortium of various non-government and people's organizations (Pos). It started when an assembly of peasant organizations questioned the inclusion of the Moro and Lumad peoples in the classification of peasants. The question was valid considering that two peoples have different cultures and practices and could hardly be classified as peasants.

The Lumads are the most marginalized and disadvantaged in Philippine society. They are indigenous inhabitants of Mindano but are being displaces from their ancestral lands because there is no sufficient legal instrument to secure their land tenure (TRICOM 1998, 17). The only available instrument then was the Department of Environment and Natural Resources Administrative Order No. 2 (DAO 2), Series of 1993, providing for the identification, delineation and recognition of ancestral domains.

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Source JournalTambara
Journal VolumeTambara Vol. 21
AuthorsIsabelita M. Somozo
Page Count14
Place of PublicationDavao City
Original Publication DateDecember 1, 2004

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