NIA Year-End Report to the President 2009


NIA pursued the implementation of 39 irrigation projects: 7 foreign-assisted, 28 locally-funded (including continuing activities and carry-over projects) and four inter-agency projects. Nine are located in Luzon, six in Visayas, seven in Mindanao and seventeen with sub projects in selected provinces nationwide.
Other activities for the year are the repair, rehabilitation and restoration of areas of national and communal systems, organization and development of irrigators’ associations and feasibility studies and packaging of potential projects.
As of December 31, 2009, the agency accomplished 54% of the targeted area of 18,457 ha for generation or 9,909 ha and 165% of 105,929 ha for rehabilitation or 174,506 ha and 76% of 134,050 ha for restoration or 101,779 ha.
Some 18,901 jobs were generated in the construction of new irrigation projects and rehabilitation of existing irrigation systems.

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Original Publication DateJanuary 1, 2009