Transmission Development Plan


Currently there are meshed networks formed in the major islands of Luzon and Mindanao but the nature of Visayas has precluded the development of a network and the transmission system remain s as a spine in this area. The majority of the 500kV system in Luzon is also a spine network. The full benefit is no t being derived from the 500kV network due to the inability of it to be relied upon. The N-1 rule, as applied in this case to a double circuit line, will discount both circuits for a tower failure. Currently the 230kV and 500kV networks are operated fully interconnected. This means that short circuit current levels on the 230kV switchgear could easily become very high. In order to mitigate against this there will be a design strategy and design standards to be followed.

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Original Publication DateMarch 1, 2003