Trade, Exchange Rate, and Agricultural Pricing Policies in the Philippines


Palay (unmilled rice) is grown all over the country, but the largest producing regions are Central Luzon (the 'rice granary" of the country), Western Visayas, Central and Southern Mindanao, and Cagayan Valley. Corn production is concentrated in Southern, Central and Northern Mindanao, Central Visayas, and Cagayan Valley. Coconut production is prominent in the eastern part of the Philippines but almost completely absent in the regions north of Manila. Sugar production is concentrated on the island of Negros. Tobacco production is concentrated in the Ilocos Region and in Cagayan Valley. Abaca is produced mainly in the Bicol Region, Eastern Visayas, and Southern Mindanao. Pineapple production for export is limited mostly to the plantations in Bukidnon (Northern Mindanao) and South Cotabato (Southern. Mindanao). Some small-scale production of pineapple takes place in Cavite and Laguna (in Southern Luzon), primarily for Metro Manila's demand. Banana product-ion for export also is concentrated in Southern Mindanao although local varieties are grown all over the country.

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