The Search for Durable Solutions: Armed Conflict and Forced Displacement in Mindanao, Philippines


The purpose of this s trategy n ote is to: (i) understand the underlying structural causes, cyclical nature, scale, and impact of involuntary internal displacement due to armed conflict and; (ii) identify development options and actions to enable durable solutions for internally displaced persons (IDPs) resulting from the armed conflict in Mindanao . The note will move from an understanding of the context to recommended strategic knowledge building and operational program components including suggestions for partnering, financing, and an analysis of risks and attendant mitigating actions.

The note’s strategic focus of durable solutions will be on: (a) social and economic integration of IDPs into existing localities; (b) return and reintegration into places of origin ; and / or (c) resettlement into other (new) areas. The note will not recount the many detailed reports on internal displacement in the Philippines, but seeks to capture the historical background, current context, and key issues surrounding armed conflict and int ernal displacement in Mindanao.

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Original Publication DateMarch 10, 2010