The HURIDOCS-WinEvsys Experience


With (9) nine 3 organizations located strategically all over the country, we have documented 791 cases of VAW in year 2000 alone. 423 of which consist of domestic violence, rape and sexual harassment while 268 were prostitution and trafficking related cases. By 2004, there were 7 4 more organizations documenting Discrimination, Sexual and Reproductive Rights Violations, and Migrants Issues. They were able to document 258 cases by the first quarter of 2004.
To date, the Coalition has trained 28 organizations from Luzon, 11 from the Visayas region and 10 from Mindanao. We were also surprised to have known that HURIDOCS-Winevsys-VAW has grandchildren—organizations that launched their own initiated issue specific, area-wide or regional trainings on human rights documentation inspired by the Winevsys-VAW database model. This is being done in the area of children’s rights, women’s rights in other parts of Asia 5 and the Pacific, and more recently, of women in situations of armed conflict in Africa

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