The Detective Vol. 4 Issue 14


As she bowed out from service on June 19, 2015, the seventh lady police general left behind a legacy of an improved quality of forensic services in the Philippine National Police with the unveiling of the new fingerprint identification system.

The hazards of her position are not so physically strenuous, but are
just as dangerous — and sometimes, even deadlier. More than half of her career life was spent in the field of forensic science. POLICE CHIEF SUPERINTENDENT THERESA ANN BUGAYONG CID, the seventh lady police general and the third lady police officer who served as the Director of the PNP Crime Laboratory was more than an expert in this field.

During her retirement honors, she requested the men and women of the PNP to extend a little of their time because that would be the last time she could share her reflection to them. Just like her nickname, “Tere”, she was teary-eyed and emotional the whole ceremony as she vividly recalled how she started her career in the service. She thanked the countless individuals who made the last 35 years so wonderful, rewarding and memorable for her. The life learning experiences from her superiors and her reflection on how she was treated as the lone female officer in a pack of alpha males.

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Original Publication DateJune 30, 2015
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