The Contested Corners of Asia: Subnational Conflict and International Development Assistance


The conflict in Mindanao is complex, multi-layered and defies simple explanation. The region includes at least six major non-state armed groups, with dozens of militia units. The protracted nature of conflict and instability has led to the emergence of other types of conflict, particularly between local elites competing for power.

At first glance, all the right conditions appear to be in place for aid to make a significant contribution to peace and development—the Government of the Philippines has been remarkably open to international assistance; there has been a formal political transition underway since 1996; the region has a special autonomy arrangement in place; and senior government officials, including some military officials, have provided relatively strong and consistent support for the peace settlement. Yet, despite large amounts of aid for more than a decade, Mindanao’s conflict environment has not improved.

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