Terms of Reference (TOR) for the Feasibility Study on the Nationwide Deployment of Modularized Village-Scale Ethanol Biorefineries using Nipa Sap


The Philippines is a major producer and user of biofuels. The Philippines Biofuels Act of 2006 (Republic Act 9367) requires the blending of biodiesel and ethanol in all locally distributed diesel and gasoline (currently at 2% and 10%, respectively). As the country is the worlds' top coconut oil producer, there have been no compliance issues meeting the mandated biodiesel blend; compliance with the 10% mandated ethanol blend in gasoline, however, is a big problem for the industry. Inadequate capacity of existing sugarcane distilleries, low productivity, and high production costs has eroded the competitiveness of locally grown sugarcane and the country currently imports more than 83% of its ethanol requirement.

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