Japanese Aid experiences on Cambodia, Afghanistan and Mindanao


After examining the historical and social context of the Mindanao conflict, this work explores the establishment of the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao as an attempt at local state-building from above and the political and social causes of its failure. The paper then turns its focus to a new approach of societal empowerment at the community level that has been promoted by Japan. The initiative is an unprecedented endeavor for Japan since it is implemented in conflict-stricken zones under the strong influence of anti-governmental forces before peace has been firmly established. The paper concludes by explaining how, as th e progress of the state-building efforts from above is extremely slow, the sole means of protecting and empowering people and fostering re conciliation is to work patiently at the community level.

Source InstitutionJapan International Cooperation Agency
Source URLhttps://jica-ri.jica.go.jp/publication/assets/JICA-RI_WP_No.5_2010.pdf
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Place of PublicationManila
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