Social Development Notes Community Driven Development No. 136


The meta-analysis includes five evaluations examining the impact of conflict in four countries, two of them fragile and conflict-affected countries—Afghanistan and Sierra Leone—and two dealing with more localized conflict- affected situations—the Philippines and Indonesia (see annex 2). There was no impact on the macrolevels of violence, except with the Moro Islamic Liberation Front rebel group in Mindanao, Philippines.

At the micro or village level, however, Indonesia demonstrated improvements in group relations over a period of time. For example, in KDP2, there was little evidence of a project effecting violent conflict at an aggregate level or having a direct positive impact on non project-related violence at the local level. However, the evaluation did find that KDP2 contributed significantly to better intergroup relations across a range of different identity cleavages. Improvements in the quality of group relations grew larger over time, with vil - lages that have had KDP for four years generally showing greater improvements than those that have had the project for less time. The evaluation also showed that KDP-related conflicts were far less likely to escalate into violence than those related to other development projects, partly due to the presence of effective complaints channels to defuse tensions before they escalate.

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