RIDO: Clan Feuding and Conflict Management in Mindanao


The studies in this volume deal with a type of violent conflict variously referred to as feuding, revenge killing, blood revenge, vendetta, inter-tribal warfare, and clan conflict. Characterized by sporadic outbursts of retaliatory violence between families and kinship groups as well as between communities, this phenomenon frequently occurs in areas where government or a central authority is weak and in areas where there is a perceived lack of justice and security. Feuding and revenge killing are common to many societies throughout human history. Depending on the period in history, this phenomenon has been documented in places such as the Balkans, Sicily, Corsica, the Caucasus region, the Middle East, and, in the remoter past, Scotland and the Appalachian region of the United States,1 as well as in some Southeast Asian cultures.2 While there are studies that distinguish between the concepts of feuding and revenge, in this volume, revenge killing and feuding are considered parts of the same continuum.

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