Report on the Philippines Extrajudicial Killings 2001-2010


The Philippines tops another survey as having a huge number of incidences of extrajudicial killings. It can be conceded as well that in some jurisdictions, an exact audit of extrajudicial killings is nigh impossible due to a myriad of challenges ranging from open armed conflict, non-collaboration of respective host state or its state agents or the state of unrest or unstable political climate that pervades States. Yet the fact remains that in our supposed non-war state, the numbers of extrajudicial killings far outrank those of other countries.

It is of common knowledge nowadays, as well as a depressing fact that apart from leading the globe in terms of graft and corruption, the Philippines is a world leader in extrajudicial killings. As early as 2006, the Philippines has already attracted international attention after international press freedom watchdog Reporters Without Borders (Reporters Sans Frontières, RSF), ranked the Philippines at the bottom 20 of the World Press Freedom Index at 142nd place.

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