2007 Power Sector Situationer


Total installed generating capacity as of December 2007 was 15,937 MW. Although no additional power plant went online in 2007, the increased was due to the reconciliation of data between DOE, NPC and PSALM. Coal-fired power plants accounted the largest share in terms of installed capacity, contributing 4,213 MW or 26.44 percent of the mix. Majority of these coal plants are located in Luzon grid. Oil-based power plants accounted for 3,616 MW or 22.69 percent of the total capacity. Hydroelectric power plants, which is the main source of electricity in Mindanao grid accounted for 3,289 MW or 20.64 percent. Natural gas fired power plants in Luzon grid amounted to 2,834 MW or 17.78 percent; geothermal power plants which are mostly located in Visayas grid accounted for 1,958 MW or 12.29 percent to the total installed capacity. Other renewable energy such as wind and solar accounted for only 0.16 percent of the capacity

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