Poverty Lines


The proportion of household heads rating their famili es as mahirap or poor was 62% in September, compared to a very low 53% in June, implying a return, roughly speaking, to conditions in November 2003 when Self-Rated Poverty was 61% [see Figure 3.8]. ... Among poor households, the national median poverty threshold, or home expense budget need ed in order not to feel poor, as of September 2003, is a modest P8,000 per month (P14,000 in Metro Manila, P8,000 elsewhere in Luzon, P5,000 in the Visayas, and P5,000 in Mindanao). This mean s that these home budgets are sufficient to satisfy one-half of the poor.”

Source InstitutionWorld Bank
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Original Publication DateAugust 8, 2005