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The major growing regions for irrigated rice are Cagayan Valley, Central Luzon, Ilicos, and Western Visayas. Each of the first two had more than 400 thousand hectares producing in excess of 1.5 million tons. Illicos and Western Visayas together produce another 1.5 million tons on a little over 400 thousand hectares. Mindanao has a total area of about 700 thousand hectares producing 2.4 million tons with the largest growing areas in Central and Souther n Mindanao (Figures 2.5).

Most of the rainfed rice is grown in three regions, Western Visayas, Southern Tagalog and Ilicos. The yields are much lower than for irrigated rice. Together they produce about 1.35 million tons on approximately 575 thousand h ectares. Total production for Mindanao is only 670 thousand tons on 300 thousand hectares.

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