Philippines Environment Monitor 2005 | Ch 2 : Resources and Ecosystems


Coral reefs, sea-grass beds, and mangrove forest are critical resources supporting ecosystems and livelihoods in coastal areas of the Philippines. This chapter explores the role and current status of these resources, as well as those of beaches, other shoreline areas and fisheries.

Coral reefs - "Rainforest of the sea." Coral Reefs are widespread and can be found throughout virtually the entire archipelago, except perhaps in some areas of north and south-central Mindanao and east of northern Luzon. The approximately 26,000 square kilometers od Philippine reefs (Gomez et al. 1994; Burke et al. 2002) provide many direct and indirect benefits, including food, livelihoods, recreation, protection from erosion, and extremly high levels of biodiversity.

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