Philippines Environment Monitor 2005 | 6 Challenges in the Future


Another priority is to develop an environmentally friendly aquaculture, using more native species and with adequate mitigation of impacts on vulnerable coastal mangrove and reef ecosystems. One example is the environmentally and economically sustainable method of raising mud crabs in pens among the mangrooves, which is found in tantanang Bay in western Mindanao.

Rehabilitation of degraded habitats to improve fish stocks and fisheries yields is also a priority. Old fish pond areas could be used for replanting mangroves, and coral reefs could be better managed so that human-caused impacts are minimized. This way, coral reefs will also be able to recover from bleaching episodes. A good example of this practice is the recovery of living coral cover at Tubbataha Reefs after the 1998 coral bleaching incident in which the reefs lost about 24 percent of its living coral cover. Since then, the reef has almost completely recovered to its original state because of protection from other human impacts.

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